Kardia Smart Contract Markup Language

What is Kardia Smart contract Markup Language (KSML)?

The KSML is designed to be the ultimate tool for developers to develop Smart Contracts on KardiChain platform without requiring significant learning curves or prior experience.

How KSML benefits the developers?

By introducing a huge set of instruction codes in human readable format (JSON or YAML format), developers can easily work on their popular logics without having to write a single line of code for the targeted blockchain (eg. Solidity for Ethereum, C#, Java, Python for NEO and others).Along with KSML is the syntax checkers, which the developers can use to quickly verify whether KSML contracts are correct and can be parse on KadiaChain platform. KSML and the tool will be packaged into the SDK to provide developers with an unified toolkit for implementing their own solutions on KardiChain platform.

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