KardiaChain Metamask (extension) Wallet

KardiaChain Metamask wallet is currently available to Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera browser. Depending on the browser will be used, navigate to the extension store to download and install the KardiaChain Wallet. This userguide will focus on Chrome extension, the process will be the same for other browser.

Navigate to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/kardiachain%20wallet to install the KardiaChain Wallet.

  • Click on the KardiaChain.

  • Choose Add to Chrome button to add the extension into Chrome browser.

  • Click Ad extension on the pop window.

  • Kardiachain Wallet extension is now available on the Chrome browser.

  • Lick on the Extension logo and pin the KardiaChain Wallet extension to the bar for easy to access.

Setting Up New Wallet

For the first time use of the extension, users have to click on Accept to access before using the KardiaChain Wallet extension.

  • Create the Password to encrypt the seed phrase (min 8 characters).This password is required every time use the Wallet.

  • Confirm the Password.

  • Click on Create button to create a new Wallet.

  • On the Vault created window:

    • Copy the 12 words seed phrase on the box and safeguard this information. This seed phrase is used to recover the wallet.

    • If the seed phrase is already noted and stored in a safe place, choose "I've copied it somewhere safe". This will log into the wallet.

    • If the seed phrase is not already noted, choose "Save Seed Words As File". A copied of seed phrase file will be download to the computer. Choose "I've copied it somewhere safe" to log into the wallet.

Accessing to The Existing Wallet

On the login screen, choose Restore from seed phrase. From the Restore Vault window:

  • Wallet Seed: enter the 12 words seed phrase

  • New Password: enter the password. This password is used to log into the wallet.

  • Confirm Password: re-enter the password.

  • Click ok to log into the wallet.

How to Navigate and Use the Wallet

On the Dashboard:

Top left of the screen

Aris Mainnet 1.0

  • Current Network: information of the current network. Current Mainnet Aris 1.0

  • New RPC URL: URL address of the new RPC.

  • Save: save the new URL address.

Localhost 8545

  • Current RPC: current RPC address, http://localhost:8545.

  • New RPC URL: URL address of the new RPC.

  • Save: save the new URL address.

Top right

  • Settings

    • State logs: contain public account addresses and sent transaction. Choose Download State Logs to download copied of json file.

    • Seed words: reveal seed words: Choose Seed Words to display.

    • Account: Acount information

      • Reset Access: is for developer use only. Choose Reset Account to reset the account.

      • Change password: to change the login password.

  • Log Out: log out of the wallet. Remember to log out the wallet if not in-use.

  • Info/Help: display wallet version.

Aris Mainnet Main Screen

  • Account #: account information/address of the wallet. This is the public key and the information will be used for any transactions.

  • ... button:

    • View on block explorer: the detail information will be viewed on explorer.kardiachain.io

    • Show QR code: display the address in QR code format with the account info

    • Copy address to clip board: copy the address

    • Export Private Key: export the Private Key, this will required the password which setup during creating wallet. Carefully when using this feature since it will pose a security risk to the account if this key is compromised.

  • Total amount of KAI in this account.

  • Send: send KAI to different wallet or users.

    • Recipient Address: address of the receiver.

    • Amount: amount of KAI will be sent

    • Next: will process to the next step

      • Will display information related to the transaction

      • If the account didn't have KAI

        • Reject will abort the transaction

        • Buy KAI will lead to the Exchange

        • Click on the back arrow to go back the dashboard

  • History: History of all the transaction in/out of the account.

  • Tokens: Information about Tokens

    • Add Token: to add Tokens to this wallet

      • Token Address: the address where the tokens are stored.

      • Token Symbol: the symbol of the token, ex: ETH

      • Decimals of Precision: how many numbers

      • Add: add the tokens

      • Cancel: cancel the transaction

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