What is a delegator ?

In staking, you can be either a delegator or a validator. Delegators are KAI holders and do not want to run a validator node. Delegators delegate KAI to validators and obtain a part of reward. A delegator only chooses and stakes a validator candidate that you trust to help you earn rewards. They also share risk with their validators. Should a validator misbehave, each of their delegators will be partially slashed in proposition to their delegated stake. So, delegators should perform due diligence on the validators before delegating and spreading their stake over multiple validators.

To become delegators, KAI holders have to send a delegation transaction where they specify how many KAI they want to bond to validators. A list validator candidates will be displayed in KardiaChain explorer. Later, if a delegator wants to unbond their stake, they need to send an undelegate transaction. From there, they have to wait 21 day to retrieve their KAI.

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