KardiaChain Mobile App Wallet

Metamask Mobile Wallet is now the recommended way to use Kardiachain on mobile.

Details on setup KardiaChain network on Metamask

Instructions for standalone KardiaChain wallet

KardiaChain wallet that can be searched and downloaded depending on the mobile device OS:

  • For IOS device: use App store

  • For Android device: user Google Play

Once the finishing with downloading and installing the App, user can use the app immediately. KardiaChain wallet has built in security which required users to authenticate by using their pin-code, faceID, or fingerprint before login to the Wallet. Also if the wallet is not in use or idle, it will log the users out and require user to re-enter their credential to login again. There are some of the features that will benefits the users like staking from the wallet or buy cryptocurrency. When buying KAI, there will be a automatic re-direct link to the exchange so that users can buy KAI. The mobile wallet is more convenient for everyone to use especially the beginners to cryptocurrency world. As a good practice, always use the highest security for the mobile devices to safeguard the mobile wallet inside the devices.

Setting Up New Wallet

After download the KardiaChain Mobile App Wallet to your mobile device.

  • Click on the KardiaChain Wallet icon and choose Create New Wallet

  • Write down the Mnemonic Phrase appears on the screen (This will help to recover or access to the wallet on different mobile device).

  • Click Understood. Access my wallet now.

  • Set new PIN (this pin requires to login to the wallet after signing out and also help to secure your wallet). Enter the PIN again to confirm.

  • Now the wallet home will appear on the mobile device.

Accessing Wallet:

After download the KardiaChain Mobile App Wallet to your mobile device.

  • Click on the KardiaChain Wallet icon and choose Access My Wallet

  • Import by Private Key: Scan QR code, or Enter manually

  • Import by Seed Phrase (Mnemonic Phrase): enter the 12 words when creating the wallet.

  • Creating PIN

  • Access the wallet.

How to Navigate and Use the Wallet

Wallet will have 5 main categories such as Home, Transaction, Staking, Address, Settings:

Home Screen:

  • BALANCE $: the account balance in USD

  • 0x1234.....abcd: is the receiving address (or PublicKey)

  • NAME: name of the wallet.

  • Balance KAI: amount of KAI.

  • Buy KAI: will re-direct to Simplex website to purchase.


Will show the history of all the transaction such Send, Receive and list by date. There also a plus sign which used to send KAI to different receiver or wallet address:

  • Send to Address: Address of the receiver. Need to get this information from the receiver can be QR code or hex string.

  • Amount: amount of KAI will be send.

  • Chose Transaction Speed: Slow, Average, Fast. The faster the speed is chosen, the higher gas will be charged.

  • Cancel: Cancel the transaction.

  • Send Now: perform the transaction.

  • Notes: always send a test transaction with a small amount of KAI (1KAI) to the receiver and get confirmation from receiver before performing the true transaction. If sending to the wrong address, the KAI will be lost and can't be retrieved.


Will display all the related staking information:

  • Your Total Earnings: total earning from delegating KAI to the Validator(s)

  • Your Delegate Investments: display all the Validators which are chosen. Click on each Validator will show information such Commission Rate, Total Staked Amount, Undelegate, Claimable KAI/Claim, Unbonded KAI, Withdrawable KAI.

  • Plus sign: display information of all the Validators. Click on any Validator to review the information such Commission Rate, Total Staked Amount, Voting Power, Estimate Return in 30 days, Estimated APR, and Amount to Stake. After reviewing these information and deciding to go with the Validator, enter the amount of KAI for staking and click on Delegate.

  • Notes: The Total Earnings will display and users can claim the reward by click on the Validator which they delegated and click on Claim.


The address of people who users perform the transaction can be saved here.


Languages Settings: currently support two languages English and Vietnamese

App Passcode Settings: to update new passcode/PIN.

Wallet Management: current wallet or can manage different wallet by adding them into this. Click on the current wallet:

  • Padlock icon: will display the Mnemonic Phrase.

  • Trashcan icon: will delete the wallet. Require user response.

  • Wallet Details:

    • Name: create custom name of the wallet.

    • Card type: choose the card background image.

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