Slashing and Jailing are two types of disciplined actions that will apply to misbehaving or un-honest Validator.


The Validators’ stake will be slashed for any misbehave conditions. There is two main slashing conditions:

  • Double sign: if someone reports the Validator signed two different blocks with same height, same round.

  • A Validator misses signing more blocks

The Validators also require to maintain reputation and trustworthiness, any malicious activities will result in slashing 25% of the total staked amount.


The Validator will be in jail for misbehaving. If jailing:

  • Due to being offline for too long, the Validator can send an bail/unjail transaction in order to re-enter the Validator set.

  • Due to being double sign block, the Validator cannot unjail. The Validators will be in jail for 1 hour and require manually un-jail after time expires.

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