KardiaChain Proposer Validator Selection Process

KardiaChain has an open Validator candidate selection which encourages KAI holders to register to be a Validator. Once registered, their status can be viewed at KardiaChain Explorer Candidates list at https://explorer.kardiachain.io/staking. The selection process is as follow:

  • Candidate registration application requires 25,000 KAI deposit.

    • Candidate can withdraw application and retrieve the deposited KAI.

  • Candidates who meet minimum requirements total of 5M delegated KAI will be promoted to Validators.

  • Top 20 Validators with the most voting power will get selected as Proposer-Validators.

  • Proposer-Validators will be responsible for securing the network, ability to validate new blocks and earn reward for performing the duty.

  • The Validators that don’t make the list, will be part of the secure network but are not able to earn reward.

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