Running KardiaChain node

KardiaChain Official User Guide for Setting Up Mainnet Node

System requirement:

Recommending using Cloud compute service with the following requirements.

Hardware requirement:

CPU: Intel or AMD with 4+ Cores, Recommended 8+ Cores

RAM: 8GB, Recommended 16GB

Hard Drive: require 2.5 TB of SSD, Recommended 3 TB of SSD

Notes: For the first year, the Validator node will run as a full node (written full data to blockchain) and take up to 320GB of storage. It will ensure maintaining all the data between all validators. Starting from year two and forward, it will run as a light node which removes all the stealth data/blocks and maintains recent 100 blocks. The estimated storage will be 36GB.

OS Requirements:

Operating system: CentOS or Ubuntu (manual compiling and build) or with Docker Compose installed.

Linux OS:

Internet Requirement:

Bandwidth: 1GBps


Port open: TCP/UDP 3000 (internet exposure), TCP 8545 (for JSON RPC).

Preparing Environment:

When the system or cloud instance is ready, proceeding with the following steps for preparing the environment.

Installing go-kardia

From Source

You'll need go installed and the required environment variables set, which can be done with the following commands:

export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

Get Source Code

git clone $GOPATH

Direct Installation


Install libzmq

Compiling and Installing

cd $GOPATH/src/
go install

Notes: the latest cmd command is now installed.

Docker Installation


Installing Docker from the following Linux OS installation guide: CentOS, Ubuntu

Installing Docker compose

Validator Registration:

If you don't know what is a validator, refer to this section. If you don't want to become a validator, please skip this section and jump to Join Mainnet

Creating Wallet:

Go to and create a new Wallet with Private Key (carefully backup or store it to somewhere safe)


For Registration: 25000 KAI

For becoming Validator: node with at least 5M KAI

Notes: the top most 30 Validators voting power will get each block rewards for securing the network.


Go to and click Register to become Validator

Fill out validator information, eg Name, commission..then click Register.



Commission Rate

initial commission

Max Rate

max commission that Validator set

Max Change Rate

% commission that can be changed

Notes: Commission changes every three months, and Max Change Rate does not exceed current + next change. For example: Current Commission is 2%, Max Change Rate is 3%; for the next change cycle (3months) will be between 1% -5%.

Join Mainnet:

Installation Files:

Download these files from the following link to your system: docker-compose.yaml,, kai_config.yaml

Config File:

Use a text-editor application to edit kai_config.yaml (vim or nano…)

Name: Node Name will display on KardiaChain network. This will be different from Validator Name

PrivateKey: Your validator private key (ignore this field if not a Validator)

Compose File to Join Mainnet:

docker-compose up  -d

Check Container for Running:

docker-compose ps


docker logs -f --tail 10 kai-mainnet-node

Notes: for the first time when joining KardiChain network, Node will be anonymous and can NOT be trusted by peer. It can ONLY syn up the database from peers until manually added into trust-list by peers. When that happens, the database can sync both ways.


Wait for the node to sync-up with the highest block and check the status at:

Go to explorer and login to your Validator Wallet:

Click “Start to become Validator” under Wallet Tab > Your Delegator

Or go here:

Notes: Sync up time will depend on the network bandwidth and the blocks height. It usually takes half day or more

Tips: To speed up to syncing data from blockchain. You can download blockchain splitted files from:

And then combine all files

cat chaindata.tar* | tar xvf -

Notes: Validator Node is always on-line, and if it missed validating the last half of 10000 blocks, the Validator will be slashed 0.1% of the total stake amount and jailed (suspended) for 1 hour. The Validator has to manually un-jail after time expires.

DO NOT attempt to modify the source code or run more than one Validator node with the same private key. Any malicious activities will result in slashing 25% of the total staked amount.

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