Kardia Virtual Machine (KVM)

What is Kardia Virtual Machine?

The Kardia Virtual Machine (KVM) is a powerful, sandbox virtual stack which embedded with each full node and responsible for executing the smart contract bytecode. KVM is slightly modified version of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) which purpose to improve the performance and support multiple virtual machine stack. KVM is compatible with Solidity smart contract programming language.

What is Smart Contract?

The Smart Contract is the the immutable computer program that automatically executes all part of a agreement between the two parties. The Smart Contracts are written in a high-level programing language like solidity then compile to the bytecode for execution. The machine code is completely isolate from the network, file system, and any processes of the host computer, every node in the KardiaChain network runs a KVM instance which allows them to agree on executing a contract.

How Smart Contracts interact with KVM?

The KVM is essential because it allows the Smart Contracts to be executed on the trustless ecosystem. The result of the Smart Contracts execution will be guarantee and verifiable. For each of the instruction that implemented on the KVM will associate with a cost. The cost will be calculated in gas unit. For any transaction that will be executed, users require to have reserve KAI to pay for gas.

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