What is staking?

Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation of the Proof of Stake in KardiaChain. On the KardiaChain network, anyone with a minimum required balance of KAI can validate and earn staking rewards. Currently, the minimum requirement is 1000 KAI.

How staking works?

KardiaChain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its mechanism of selecting the top Validators who have secured the most voting power to participate in the validation of blocks and consensus process. These Validator will earn reward by doing their work. There will be two different kind of staking:

Delegators staking is delegating their KAI to the one or more Validators and earn the incentives. The final incentives will be the reward from staking minus the commission fee from the Validators.

Validators staking by use their KAI and earn the reward. The Validators will not only earn reward from their staking, but also the commission fee which they charge to the Delegators.

Staking rules

During the staking process, the staking system will pay out rewards to all Validators and their Delegators through execution consensus protocol for every new block created. The rewards can be withdrawn immediately. The Delegators can un-delegate Validator(s) at any time during their staking, and their staked KAI will be held for 7 days before releasing back to their wallet.

In contrast, if validators double sign, frequently offline, not participating in the consensus process, their staked (including delegators delegated to them) can be slashed.

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