Transaction Fee

Gas refers to the transaction fee that will be charged to any transaction or execution on the Smart Contract in KardiaChain network. Gas is measured in HYDRO.

1KAI = 10^18 HYDRO

1 OXY = 10^9 HYDRO = 0.000000001 KAI

A transaction fee will be calculated by the following formula:

gasFee = gasPrice * gasLimit

The minimum gasPrice is 1 OXY (or 1000000000 HYDRO)

The minimum gasLimit is 29000 and the maximum gasLimit is 20000000

A typical transaction gas limit for sending KAI on the network is 29000

1000000000 * 29000 = 29000000000000 HYDRO = 0,000029 KAI

A smart contract operation or any transaction on KardiaChain network will cost gas for computing the logic in KVM.

  • It costs zero fee to read data from a smart contract.

  • Gas will return to users if a smart contract execution does not spend all the gas fee.

  • If the transaction is processed but not enough gas to pay, it will be dropped (failed) and gas won't be returned.

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